Multifunctional Mop Shoe Cover/Slippers. Perfect for Cleaning Dust, Pet Hair!

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? MICROFIBER MOP SHOE - Highly absorbent, the microfiber chenille material clings to dust, dirt and pet hair. FLOOR FRIENDLY - Non-shedding, durable and effective, quickly remove foot prints and scuffs without scratching the floor. SIMPLE USE - Mop the floor clean or dry up spills to prevent slipping, then simply wash before the next use. COMFORTABLE - Elastic bands provide a secure, comfortable and universal fit around bare feet or shoes. INDUSTRY LEADING CUSTOMER SUPPORT - You can continue to rely on Electro-Deal to offer the markets most competitive prices, paired with industry leading customer support, and all backed by a one year, full manufacturer��s warranty on new products or a 90 day limited warranty for refurbished products! Specifications Material : Microfiber Chenille? Flat size: 30 x 16.5cm? Loose Chenille Ends: 1.8cm? Cuff Girth : 20.3cm (45cm Max expanded)? Weight : 109g?